Alaska Energy Company Agrees to Resolve FMLA Violations

ASRC Energy Services Alaska Inc. has agreed to pay $43,000 in back wages to an employee terminated in violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act, resolving a lawsuit filed by the department in U.S. District Court of the District of Alaska. An investigation by the Wage and Hour Division found the employee was illegally terminated while on leave for a serious health condition. The division also found that the employer incorrectly counted against the employee’s FMLA leave entitlement weeks that he was not scheduled to work, and terminated him for exceeding the approved amount of leave. The oil and gas support services company has operations in remote locations such as North Slope, Alaska, and commonly assigns employees to these locations on rotational schedules, with periods of several weeks of continuous work followed by weeks of time off. As a result of the lawsuit, the company agreed to change its policies with regard to rotational employees.

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